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Why you should hire a Personal Injury Lawyer?

by on 02-25-2017 05:48AM in Medical, Insurance, Family, Commercial, Bankruptcy

Filling a lawsuit to claim compensations requires the involvement of a lawyer. There are attorneys available for all kinds of situations. For example, if you are looking for a divorce, then you would want to look for a divorce lawyer and not a criminal lawyer. A criminal lawyer would be responsible for handling cases that involve a criminal offense. Similarly, if you have recently experienced a car accident, then a car accident attorney should be contacted.

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Who do the courts favor in a child custody case - the mother or the father?

by on 10-27-2016 02:04AM in Family, Divorce, Adoption

Most likely, you answered mother. This is a common perception held by the public, but this gender bias is beginning to be a thing of the past, and fathers are getting more custody rights than ever before.
Why the Shift?

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Extended Consequences of Over Staying Visa -3 and 10 Year Ban

by on 08-28-2015 09:03AM in Consumer, Criminal, Family, Immigration, Insurance

The legal consequences of overstaying your visa in the United States are quite simple to understand. The longer you overstay your welcome, the longer you will be banned from returning. At this time, they are as follows:

● 3 Year Ban: Issued when the individual’s visa has been expired for more than 180 days, but less than one year.

● 10 Year Ban: Issued when the individual’s visa has been expired for more than one year.

In both instances, the individual must leave the US before the deportation proceedings have started and their ban starts on the day of departure. Once a visa has expired, the individual cannot extend their stay in the US, nor change their status to a different nonimmigrant status. Commonly referred to as the “3/10 year ban”, an individual must be able to prove that their deportation will result in a U.S. citizen suffering “extreme hardship.”

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